Who We Serve

Great beef starts with a great story. We look forward to being part of yours.


Create Store Loyalty

Our high-quality, locally produced beef provides what you and your shoppers want—consistent taste, texture, and tenderness. We’ll support you with a beef program that you can merchandise with confidence to keep those happy customers coming back for more.


Single Source for All Your Beef Needs

In the food service industry, it takes a one-of-a-kind food company to produce a comprehensive portfolio of beef products that can deliver the unique menus and enjoyable dining experience that patrons will rave about.  

Food Manufacturing

Source Raw Materials with Confidence

Food Manufacturers need consistent and reliable supplies of raw materials to keep their businesses operating—that’s where FPL Food steps in. Our programs can handle your boxed beef, ground beef, trim and variety meats needs. We know that tastes and demands shift, so we’re able to quickly adapt and deliver any quantity without ever sacrificing quality. 



Local Roots. Global Appeal.

Not located in the US? Our international customers are as close as Georgia’s ports. Whether you’re located nearby or across the world, the FPL Food team would love to work with you. Our facilities are strategically located near the state of Georgia’s ports to ship the products you need.